About us

The Data & Media Lab

The Data & Media Laboratory (DM Lab) was founded in March 2020 and operates under the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Peloponnese. DM Lab aims, among others, to:

  • Conduct high-level theoretical and applied research.
  • Support the undergraduate and postgraduate studies of the dept.
  • Collaborate with researchers, research centers, and academic institutions.

Our Research Activities

Some of the research fields of great interest to DM Lab's members are:

  • Web Engineering & Web Data Engineering
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications
  • Big Data
  • Parallel Processing and Computational Optimization
  • Digital Ecosystems for Education, Social Protection, and Labor Market
  • Bioinformatics
Current Research Projects

DM Lab's Research Initiatives

The main aim of this research initiative is to document the spread of COVID-19 cases worldwide on a daily basis and to analyze the available data with the use of Business Intelligence. Furthermore, hoping that the spread of the epidemic will eventually decrease, the research team is planning to collect data on various aspects of daily life and discover correlations between the datasets to evaluate the effects of the coronavirus spread.

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The primary aim of AGORA initiative is to create an effective scouting mechanism for young talented scientists and give an end to the brain drain in Greece. Currently, the research team is in the process of creating several software artifacts and smart services around the labor market. These will form the building blocks of a digital ecosystem to accommodate all services around AGORA.

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A major problem when engineering an algorithm to solve an optimization/decision making problem is the effort required to select and tune generic algorithms to solve the specified instances efficiently. The research effort aims to combine multi machine learning algorithms to automatically generate the correct algorithms and parameters combination to efficiently solve new problem instances without the need for expert intervention.

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Information on this project will be available soon.

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Our Team

DM Lab's Research Team

The common interest of the lab's academic members for advanced data and media management techniques, as well as their shared principles regarding software development, led to the creation of the Data & Media Laboratory.

We strongly believe that interdisciplinarity is key to innovation, and we are always open to new challenges and potential cooperation.