AGORA – Smart Services for the Labor Market

The primary aim of AGORA initiative is to create an effective scouting mechanism for young talented scientists and give an end to the brain drain in Greece (see attached presentation). This will be achieved through the creation of the necessary IT infrastructure that will enable information sharing between:

  • Young scientists attending undergraduate or postgraduate studies;
  • HR departments of large and medium scale companies; and
  • HR departments of companies leasing employees.

To this end, the research team is in the process of creating several software artifacts and smart services around the labor market. These will form the building blocks of a digital ecosystem to accommodate all services around AGORA.

At this point, an online tool analyzing the online job vacancies in Greece is already in place (see attached presentation), while an online system that will enable information extraction from jobseeker CVs will be deployed very soon.


For inquires please send an email to giannis (at) tzimas (dot) info