The Data & Media Lab

The Data & Media Laboratory (DM Lab) was founded in March 2020 (Official Government Gazette – O.G.G. 765/B’/10-03-2020). It operates under the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Peloponnese and is under its supervision.

The common interest of the lab’s academic members for advanced data and media management techniques, as well as their shared principles regarding software development, led to the creation of the lab. All the lab members embrace the principles expressed in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development. Having those principles as a starting point, the lab’s organizational structure is flat (all academic members serve as laboratory directors for one year in turn), and all the decisions are taken in common and without suppressing any member’s research pursuits and goals.

Purpose – Areas of Activity

DM Lab’s principal mission is to:

Support the undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research needs of the department, as well as other departments of the University of Peloponnese, on subjects that fall within the subject area of the laboratory.

Conduct theoretical and applied research, as well as support doctoral and
postdoctoral research on areas related to the research fields of the laboratory.

Promote teaching and research collaborations between academic staff and researchers with related or complementary scientific fields of specialization within the University of Peloponnese.

Collaborate with Researchers, Research Centers and Academic Institutions of the
country and abroad as long as their objectives coincide and complement those of the laboratory. Collaboration should be realized in a spirit of reciprocity and collective work.

Cooperate with the public sector, local authorities, scientific, social, and professional bodies, international organizations as well as private sector productive bodies in related scientific fields to contribute to the joint exploration of solutions and proposals to tackle modern problems.

Provide expert opinions on issues related to laboratory knowledge under the existing E.U. and national legislation.

Provide services to individuals and organizations following the provisions of the Presidential Decree159/1984 (O.G.G. 53/D'/27-04-1984) ``Conditions for the provision of services by university laboratories to individuals and organizations of any legal form``.

Attract research funds by national and international resources related to the scientific fields of activity of the laboratory or the individual areas of specialization of its members.

Organize scientific lectures, seminars, symposia, conferences, and other scientific events, with the participation of recognized scholars.

Organize lifelong learning activities, summer schools, and other related initiatives around the lab's subject area

Undertake the appropriate initiatives to achieve its goals, always respecting the rules of academic and research ethics.