Web Technologies & Applications

This course focuses on introducing technologies and processes for developing systems on the Web. The course content aims to provide students with an understanding of the fundamental components of the Web, the basic principles of website design, and advanced interface development topics. Emphasis is placed on acquiring practical skills for developing integrated web-based applications that combine client & server-side technologies.
  • Lecturer 1 : Giannis Tzimas
  • Semester : Semmester 7

Course content encompasses:

    • Introduction to the Internet, and the World Wide Web: Client-Server Model, Basic Definitions: Web, Website, Webpage, Web Application, Basic Web Browser Functions.
    • Website Design: Home Page, Navigation, Display, and Usability.
    • HTML / HTML5 web development.
    • Content formatting with CSS / CSS3.
    • XML, JSON data description languages.
    • An Introduction to JavaScript: Syntax, Variables, Data Types, and Operators, Branching and Looping, Functions.
    • Advanced JavaScript topics.
    • JQuery Library, Ajax.
    • An Introduction to PHP: Basic Structure – Syntax, Data Types, Variables, Branching and Looping, Functions.
    • Incorporating a Database in the Web Application (PHP with MySQL).
    • An Introduction to ASP.NET and C #.
    • Content Management Systems (CMSs): Popular open-source CMSs, Features, Advantages, Comparison, etc.
    • CMSs: Installing, Using, and Configuring a CMS.