DM Lab's Team

Spiros Louvros

Ph.D., Wireless & Mobile Networks

Dr. Louvros holds a PhD Diploma in Wireless & Mobile Communications, a Master (Msc) in RF system design for Satellite/ Radio Communications, and a Bachelor in Applied Physics. Dr. Louvros has extensive working experience in both Industry and Academia for more than 20 years in many related technical fields.

He has worked as MW Link Design and Maintenance Engineer in Siemens, as GSM switching engineer in Vodafon, as Section Manager in Radio Network Planning and Optimizing department in Deutsche Telecom Group (Cosmote Greece). From 2006 and for more than 10 years has worked in Teledrom AB (official partner of Ericsson) in Sweden for Ericsson customers, providing GSM/3G/LTE technical consultancy and optimizing networks by drive test and KPI analysis.

Lately, he is working as LTE-A/5G system architect engineer and consultant in MCNS Cyprus, leading a team of engineers in 5G technology projects related to 3GPP standardization technical reporting emphasizing in LTE-A/5G technology evaluation, NB_IoT over satellite technology and applications, 5G C-RAN architecture, LTE to 5G Radio network smooth migration and deployment in the Non-Stand Alone (NSA) as well as Stand Alone (SA) approach. He is also working in Machine Learning algorithms and models applied to the telecom industry.

Dr. Louvros offers also exclusive technical trainings on collaborative technologies of GSM, 3G, LTE/LTE-A (including MTC NB_IoT) and 5G migration, referring to contemporary 3GPP / 5GPPP standards. He also conducts and provides technical reports authorships and network deployment consultancy to operators and customers worldwide.

In the Academic sector, Dr. Louvros held for 08 years the position of Assistant Professor at the Technical University of Western Greece in the technical field of Wireless and Mobile Communications. During his professorship, he has conducted several courses at the graduate and undergraduate levels in the area of Mobile Communications, Satellite Communications, Optical network infrastructure, and Information Theory. He finally conducted several lectures in IEEE summer schools and special Academia-Industry collaborative events