DM Lab's Team

Zlatan Sabic

Senior Public IS Specialist, World Bank

Dr. Zlatan Sabic is a Senior Public Information Systems Specialist at the World Bank. His research interests include, among others, the following: Management Information Systems, Information Systems Development Methodologies, Project Management.

He has extensive experience in the following sectors:

ICT for Development

Experience of more than 20 years, 17 major projects. Organizational analysis/review and strategic planning. Organization transformation through business process reengineering and utilization of ICT. Highly experienced in the utilization of ICT in public sector development, including strategic planning studies, addressing public administration reform issues, capacity building, and public IS implementation. Especially experienced in health, social and education sectors. Experienced in communication with higher government representatives and government agencies.

Business Systems Analysis, IS Design and Implementation

Experience of 23 years, more than 20 major projects. Knowledge and experience in business system analysis, productivity improvement analysis, IS architectural design, database design, data warehousing, software architecture design, data exchange, coding system, as well as project planning and implementation.


One of the regional and national leaders in introducing eGovernment concepts in the South East Europe region. Experienced in policy formation, strategic planning studies, but also in concrete systems implementation. Co-author of strategic regional eGovernment development frameworks (eSEE Agenda+ and others), national ICT strategy for Bosnia and Herzegovina, and national ICT strategy of the FYR Macedonia (as facilitator and reviewer).

International cooperation

Experienced in working with international development agencies and donors (The World Bank, UNDP, EC, UNICEF,…). Most of the experience in South East Europe and Central Asia regions. Familiar with programming strategies and project implementation standards.