DM Lab's Team

George Varelas

Senior Researcher

IT Director with Over a Decade of Experience in Managing IT Departments – Senior Data Scientist with Hadoop Analytics hands-on – Proven Ability to build Econometric models, Forecasting, and Implement Machine Learning Techniques in Parametric and Nonparametric data.

  • Highly driven Data Scientist who has successfully undertaken demanding and complex projects of various types of companies. MBA thesis in nonparametric Econometrics.
  • IT Director with a great experience which included negotiations with providers, procurement execution, leading functional changes in the business model, new hardware and network installation without shutting down company operations, personnel recruitment, budget design as well as many other managerial functions.
  • Software Development Manager who has designed and developed complex Management Information Systems.
  • Experienced IT Business Analyst with a portfolio of Public and Private Sector projects.